Topsoccer Program

What is Topsoccer?

Port St Lucie Soccer Club - Topsoccer Program is  "The Outreach Program for Soccer" TOPSoccer is designed for players with Special Needs. The Program operates twice a year with each season running about 6-8 weeks. Each Player is paired with a "Buddy" who will work with the player in a soccer atmosphere. Games are played to heighten physical interaction with a ball or introduce sensory functions by going through our obstacle course. The program is open to all players regardless of disability and age. Our goal is to make all kids feel inclusive to youth sports. Buddies build bonds of trust with the players, many friendships last long after the season ends. 

Buddies are volunteers, usually High School aged students. A soccer background is not required, buddies receive volunteer hours for service. Training sessions run about 60-90 minutes and take place on a Saturday afternoon. 

The Port St Lucie Soccer Club in 2014 won the Florida Youth Soccer Associations - Coaches of the Year. If you have questions about the Topsoccer Program, please let us know.