PSL Soccer Club - Development Pathway


PSL Soccer Club - Recreation / Allstar / Competitive Programs “Pathway to Success

Ignite the Fire, Develop the Desire, Foster the Love to Create Opportunities.

Starting from the age of three (3), The PSL Soccer Club has a stepladder approach to the continued success of the player in mind through its pathway system to success. From the “KickStart” program to the “College Prep” program, the Coaches and Staff at the PSL Soccer Club will help design a pathway that the player can choose. Whether it’s in the Recreation program or advancing to the Competitive program, the choice is decided on the desire, passion and dedication to succeed in whichever path is taken.


                          Recreation Pathway                                                                                                      Competitive

                                                                                                                                 College Prep

                                                                                                                                  Age 14-18 -------------   Hurricane


                                                                                                                                  l                                 l--- Hurricane

                                                                                                      Tsunami             l                                 l

                                                                                                      Age 12-13-------    Allstar / Select----


                                                                                                      l                                                             l--- Hurricane

                                                                            Cyclone            l                                                             l

                                                                            Age 10-11------   --------------------Allstar / Select----


                                                                            l                                                                                        l---Hurricane

                                                 Typhoon           l                                                                                        l

                                                   Age 8-9--------   ---------------------------------------- Allstar / Select---

                                                   L                                      l

                                                   l                                       l

                        Future Star       l                                       l -----------------------------Allstar / Select

                          Age 6-7--------  ----------------------------l


 KickStart          l

 Age 3-5_____l

· Throughout the stepladder there can be other opportunities for further development and exposure. Players can participate in the ODP (Olympic Development Program), play in Showcase Tournaments and attend recruitment camps, clinics, seminars at choice colleges. There will be many opportunities and paths you can take, which one will be yours?