Premier / Select - Mission - Vision - Expectations

 What is our Vision?

What are our Expectations?

Are we setting Goals?

How do we achieve them?

Throughout the Compeitive Soccer Program season we will answer these questions. Our focus will be to develop a culture that will embody sportsmanship and leadership qualities in our players that will transcend on and off the field. In this presentation we will discuss what the Administrators, Players and Parents expect from the Coach and what the Coach and Administrators expect from the parents and players. With the understanding of working together, we can set goals that are achievable.

Our Vision:

-Enable to play fast pace and effective soccer.

-Work together as a team, supporting each other.

-Train in a Fun and Educational Learning Environment.

-Have open lines of Communication.

-We will have balanced training sessions utilizing Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychosocial  aspects of player development.

-Accountability of player’s through the understanding of the systems of play.

Our Philosophy:

Core Values;

1. Player Development in a Learning Environment that is Safe and Fun

2. Encourage Success and share examples of Success on and off of the field.

3. Form a Love of the Game and the desire to challenge yourself and teammates.

4. Increase player’s knowledge of the game and guide players to further development.

5. Instill Leadership qualities in players, desire to perform at your very best, total commitment to the program and team, discipline, cooperation, communication, hard work and eating healthy.

6. Foster the importance of being a good teammate, leading by example on the field and off the field.

Our Mission;

We instill the feeling of inclusion through team bonding, solving problems together, enjoy playing together and strive to have a unified goal, have an understanding of each other’s roles and the desire to achieve more.

Style of Play;

1. Fast Paced and Energetic.

2. Playing out of the back with an emphasis of team building through the mid-field

3. Offensive style of play utilizing - possession and quick transition techniques.

4. Adopt an understanding of the Systems of Play.

Our Vision;

Promote a Holistic approach to player development through the “4 Pillars of Player Development”

1. Technical – Ball Control, Passing and Receiving, Shooting

2. Tactical – Decision Making (When to Pass and When to Shoot), Transition, Attacking in numbers, Defending, Supporting, Set Pieces.

3. Physical – Speed and Agility, Endurance, Strength on and off the ball.

4. Psychosocial – Attitude, Communication, Self-Motivation, Desire to Compete.

Team Expectations:

-Enable to play fast pace and effective soccer.

-Work together as a team, supporting each other.

-Train in a Fun and Educational Learning Environment.

-Have open lines of Communication.

-We will have balanced training sessions utilizing Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychosocial  aspects of player development.

-Accountability of player’s through the understanding of the systems of play.

 Player Commitment to the Team:

1. Be On Time

2. Maintain a satisfactory GPA

3. Attend all Games and Training Sessions.

4. Maintain proper fitness and hydration levels.

Team Expectations:

Work together to problem solve. We will build cohesive squads through leadership, support, dedication and team work. We will build trust within our teammates and coaches through respect and sportsmanship. We will play in a fun and energetic environment with a desire to excel.

 1. Play fast paced.

2. Develop a winning mentality and attitude.

3. Be Leaders and Role models on and off the field.

4. Ability to perform under pressure.

5. “Practice like you Play”

6. Control Tempo and Possession against opponents.

7. Foster team chemistry that promotes all players to perform at their best level.

8. Belief in the ability of yourself and your teammates.

9. Promote player development embracing the “4 Pillars of Player Development”

10. Developing Trust within the players and Coaches.

Player Expectations

1. Positive attitude

2. Strive for your best effort potential in everything you do.

3. Maintain academic excellence.

4. Practice how you play. Play with same intensity in practice as in games.

5. Create a pathway for others to follow.  Leave your mark on and off the field for future players.

6. Effective communication.  Learn from your mistakes, ask questions for understanding. Share in Successes and Support others. Face challenges with a positive attitude.

 7. Remember the "5-P's" Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance.

8. Accept responsibility for all outcomes. Don’t blame others for negative result’s, rather look to being supportive to develop a learning lesson for everyone.

9. There’s only ONE voice on the bench, the Coach’s.

10. Character is revealed when Pressure is applied.

11. Being a Leader – Knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.

12. Ability to put the team before yourself in every decision.

 Team Captain Expectations

1. Live the vision by modeling great behaviors.

2. Evaluate, teach and build self-confidence in others.

3. Show a positive energy and optimism.

4. Establish trust.

5. Embrace feedback and give credit.

6. Have the courage to make unpopular decisions.

7. Set the example.

8. Celebrate successes and show strong support during adversity.

 Captains are required to meet with Coaches on a regular basis to discuss any issues arising.

Coach Expectations

1. Set the standard for players, parents and the whole program to adhere to.

2. Place the emotional and physical well -being of every player ahead of any personal desire to win.

3. Respect all players, officials, spectators and opponents.

4. Act appropriately and professionally at all times, providing a safe, enjoyable and competitive environment for all players.

5. Be on time for all training sessions and games

6. Open Communication with Players, Parents and Club Administrators.

Parent Expectations

1. Fully support the Soccer program, as a whole.

2. Refrain from coaching from the sidelines.

3. Show respect and good sportsmanship to all players, coaches, opposition, spectators and officials at all times.

4. Be excellent hosts and visitors; following any rules set in place when visiting other facilities.

5. Set a good example for others to follow.

6. Be positive regardless of results.

7. Make sure all documents needed to participate are completed and turned in on time.

General Guidelines

• Playing time is earned and coaches will select the strongest team available each game in order to get a positive result. Missing practices, games or a negative attitude will impact playing time.

• Selection to a Premier or Select team is based upon fitness, ability, performance, effort and attitude.

• Players are expected to be on the field ready to begin practice and games at the designated time sent by the Coaches.

• Players must be on time to the field for warm-up.

• Consequences for late arrivals / missed practices.

• Players are required to attend all practices.

• Missed practices without advanced communication to the coaches could result in disciplinary measures. 

• Players, who know they will be late/absent from a practice or game, must inform the Coaches as soon as possible, or risk further disciplinary action.

• If a player has any issues or concerns, affecting performance, participation and/or overall enjoyment of being part of the team, should communicate with the Coaches immediately.