06' Boys Recognized by the City of PSL

Disney Presidents Tournament

06' Boys Recognized by the City of PSL

3/28/2022 - From the Desk of Mayor Shannon Martin:

"In recognition of the accomplishments of some of our athletes from the Port St Lucie Soccer Club, the City of Port St Lucie has awarded the Port St Lucie 2006 Boys Premier team a Certificate of Achievement."

These athletes were the Champions of the Disney Presidents Day Soccer Tournament which took place February 19-21. Their bracket had teams from New Jersey, Michigan, Minnesota and Florida which they went undefeated in to win the tournament. 

They also played in the Challenge Round of the Florida Presidents Cup, the Elimination Round of 16 and the Quarter-Finals throughout the month of March in which they have gone undefeated. These boys are now moving on to the Semi-Finals attempting to compete for the State Championship on April 23-24. The winner of the Florida Presidents Cup will move on to the Southern Regional Presidents Cup which takes place in Frisco, Texas in June. 

They have also been accepted into one of the largest College Showcase Tournaments in the country in which they will travel to Richmond, VA to compete April 1-3. 

Congratulations to these amazing athletes!

PSL Soccer Club is honored to have our 2006 Boys recognized by our Mayor and our City Officials. We are so proud to be part of a community where our young athletes are acknowledged for their hard work and encouraged to continue strivimg to be the best that they can be!! Thank you, Mayor Martin!!