Our Mission Statement

The Mission of PSL Soccer Club soccer programs, is to educate players and coaches as we work together to provide a quality learning environment and a positive soccer experience for all of the players, coaches and administrators.

Our Vision:

The PSL Soccer Club is committed to being positive role models who value honesty, integrity and fair play. We will stride for sportsmanship, competition without conflict and team work.We will also strive to provide a safe environment to foster a passion for the game, provide progressive technical training in a positive way. This will be our enthusiastic player development as a whole person/athlete in age appropriate context.

Our Core Values:

We commit to developing players character, self confidence, discipline, dedication and respect for fellow players, opponents, referees, parents and coaches through quality coaching. PSL Soccer Club will work to provide the opportunity for all players regardless of ability to attain their highest potential. We will also provide education and training for players, parents and coaches to ensure a healthy, safe and enjoyable soccer experience. We believe that the training environment must be consistent by outlining a clear vision of what the players can expect in their day to day training which will lay the foundation for their development. Our goal is to improve the quality of play in the Port Saint Lucie community and provide our players with the opportunity to advance to the highest level of competition.

Key Points:

  •  Coach- Is a teacher, will possess the ability to demonstrate or utilize someone who can demonstrate proper application of the desired task.
  • Technique- Each player will develop a strong solid base through progression training. Focus on skill development under pressure of time, space, and opponents.

  • Increase technical speed- Dribbling including 1v 1 skills, creativity, and feints. Shielding including changes in speed and direction. Receiving including balls on ground/in air. Shooting including proper striking technique, turns, and volleys. Passing including proper technique, serving long and short, and crossing. Heading including self serve, partner serve, jumping to head, and juggling. Tackling including proper technique.

  • Tactics- Focus will be individual 1v1 situations (attacking/Defending)

  • Small group situations- Attacking: Possession, taking players ON, support, basic combination play. Defending: Proper pressure, immediate chase, cover, marking.

  • Team- Team tactics will be worked on at age appropriate levels. Focus is on playing skillful soccer. Players play a variety of positions and emphasis will be placed on player development instead of getting results as a team.

  • Physical- Flexibility, agility, speed, strength, endurance, and balance.

  • Psychological- Keep it fun and enjoyable to encourage a passion for the game. Encourage decision making, imagination, creativity, discipline, increase demands. Encourage players to watch professional and national team games on video and TV.