Fall Soccer Comes to an End.

The PSL Soccer Club Fall Season comes to a close at Swan Park. As we put away the last goals and lock Swan Park down until Spring, we reflect on the season we had and the future ahead. We have 3 Board Members leaving or taking on other roles, these people have volunteered countless hours and have dedicated themselves for combined over 50 years of service to the Club and Community.

President - Vic Nunes - His term is over and at the election was replaced by incumbent CJ Boone, Vic now assumes the role of Past President and has the responsibility in leading CJ in the day to day operations of the Club and help with the transition of new Board Members. Vic played at PSL back in the day when the Club played its games at Sportsman Park when he was a kid. You can say that Vic has been involved in some degree with the Club for over 30 years.

Treasurer - Karen Gitlin - Karen's term is over and at the election was replaced by incumbent Kristen Mazur, Karen now will be at the field as a fan and grandmother supporting her grandchildren from the sidelines. Karen has held many hats over the 23 years of service to the Club, from Coach, Manager, Secretary, Treasurer and Concession Manager. Karen's most notable achievement and her most passionate venture was the developing and start up of the Topsoccer Program for kids with special needs. Karen has won an award by the Florida Youth Soccer Association for "Coach of the Year" for the Topsoccer Program.

Past President - Steve Gitlin - Steve is the Clubs Scheduler and Referee Assignor, he will remain in those capacities and train teams when needed. Steve has also worn many hats over his 20 years of service to the Club as a Coach, Trainer, President, Past President, Registrar and Concession Cook. Steve looks forward to spending time with Karen watching their grandchildren play from the parent/grandparents side of the field.

With the changing of the guard comes optimism of a renewed excitement and new ideas to help further enhance the clubs programs. CJ Boone, Billy Thomas, Christina Shaw, Kristen Mazur and John Munoz will continue on with the family values and traditions brought forth by Board Members of the past. The Club will always be there, its there for the kids and its up to the volunteers to help support them. Many of the players from the Club as kids come back years later with their own kids as a Coach or Parent. Being a member of the Club is a privilege not a right, those that have been in the Club for years know the feeling of seeing the organization and dedication to the kids and community by its volunteers. There's many Clubs that people can go to for a soccer experience for their kid(s) but there's only one PSL Soccer Club.

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