Behind the scenes at PSL Soccer Club

Each year hundreds of kids ages 4 through 18 walk through the gates of Swan Park to play soccer. The PSL Soccer Club has been serving the youth of the community with soccer programs since 1982. Each year Registration opens for Fall, Spring and Competitive programs for the kids and each year dedicated parents put forth the daunting task of getting the kids on the field. The PSL Soccer Club is a member of the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA), it is through this organization that the players, coaches and staff are gauranteed a safe and fun environment to play in. For the parent of the player, you get an e-mail or flyer with information about the season and you register too play. You go to the practices and attend the games to show your support but there's a lot that goes on well before the first soccer ball hits the field.

Months of planning and attention to detail are prepared so your experience at the Park is a pleasant and rewarding one. The Club has a Board of Directors and staff members that take on the daily duties of preparing for the season as well as the day to day operations of the club. The Staff is comprised of parents that volunteer their time to the dedication of the club, its members and programs. The Board Members and Staff are the people that put the kids first and to ensure that the club is organized and the programs are safe and educational. Some Board Members have been in the Club for over 20 years, some have even played at PSL as a kid only to return with kids of their own on the field.

Each year the Board holds elections and looks for volunteers to step up and help out, each year people pass on the invitation. Running a youth sports organization is a lot of work, it takes dedication and many volunteer hours but as many Board Members both past and present state, the greatest thrill and reward is seeing all of the kids on the field playing a game that they love. Our Fall Season is fast approaching and there's much to still accomplish before the first games on September 24th.

If you feel that you can volunteer some time and become a Board or Staff member, let us know! When you come to the field, thank one of the members for the hard work and dedication they have done, it goes a long way to let someone know how appreciated they are. If you are new to the area or new to the PSL Soccer Club, introduce yourself and observe the caring and support that the Board shows towards the club. People will come and go but the PSL Soccer Club will always be there, giving the kids a place to play and place to call their own. We are here to serve the members, we are a family within the soccer community. We welcome suggestions and always look for ways to improve, when you see a Board Member or Staff Member at the field say Hello and appreciate why they are there.

Vic Nunes - President

Christina Shaw - Vice President

CJ Boone - Registrar

Karen Gitlin - Treasurer

John Munoz - Secretary

Julie Boone - Assistant Registrar

Billy Thomas - Head of Rec. Coaches

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