Recreation Soccer

Recreation Soccer, a program for kids with no special skill level and no real expectations other than to have fun and enjoy playing a game. We all have grown up playing games with neighborhood friends, family members, with no rules other than the one's we made up or were passed down from older brothers and sisters. Organized soccer in the youth level have rules and guidelines in place, many of which have been devised at the World level through FIFA, National level at US Youth Soccer, State level at the Florida Youth Soccer Association (FYSA) and Club level. Even though we strive to make the Recreational Soccer Program at PSL Soccer Club not only fun and educational for the kids, we follow the values and guidelines handed down by our governing bodies. As parent's we have always wanted what's best for our kids, as a community we want to have a safe place for the kids to go and offer programs that the kids love and want to be involved with for years.

The PSL Soccer Club has been around since 1982, many of the coaches at the club were players within the Club. We have seen the growth of the kids over the years and once in a while they bring their own kids back to the club. The Club is a big family within the community, some Board Members have been volunteering for the club for over 20 years. As each season goes by we learn more about its members and evolve as the program adapts to the needs of the players. In Youth Soccer there's different levels of competition - Recreational, Allstar and Competitive. The goal of the Club is to develop players, Recreation is the introduction to an organized program. Allstar's is something new we have adopted which is the continued development of the players in a more competitive atmosphere in preparation for Competitive soccer. Competitive is as the name implies which requires traveling and fees are higher.

In the Recreation level there are parents, players and coaches that just want to stay at this level. This level of soccer is less stressful, more fun and the seasons are shorter. Players play for various reasons, the recreation program is set up so it fits all players regardless of skill level. This past Spring Season there were some issues that needed to be addressed which has forced the club to look back on the very guidelines and rules that our governing bodies have mandated. We are a family and should look out for each other, we are a club who's members should get involved. The Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers that work for the kids and without them the club wouldn't exist. This Club is everyone's that pays each year to be a member, you can vote and be involved to help the club move forward and grow.

Lately we have seen parents intimidate coaches, referees and other players. We have seen coaches intimidate each other and referees, this is nothing new in youth sports and there have been many attempts in trying to put an end to this behavior. The actions of the coaches and parents both verbally and gesturing have an impact on the kids which sometimes carries over on to the field. At times there's 4-5 Board Members at the Park and 300-400 parents and players. We must remember why we are at the field and what the Recreation Soccer Program is about. The game is for the kids, as parents we cheer for the kids not just our own. We cheer all of the kids regardless of what uniform they wear, we applaud them all for playing a game. As coaches, we are the teachers of the game. What we preach to the kids they take to the field, win or lose we congratulate all of the players and especially the other coach as he/she is there for the same reason as you, for the kids. Recreation Soccer at PSL Soccer Club is fun, educational and for the kids!

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