PSL "SELECT" / "PREMIER" Soccer Programs


                                                      PSL Select Program




The Purpose of the Select Program is to enhance education through training and to promote players to a higher level of play in preparation of moving to the Competitive "Premier" Program. The Select Program is not to be viewed as a cheaper alternative to the Competitive Premier Program. The program shall be a “Feeder Program” for the Competitive Premier Program, players and coaches will be visited by Competitive Premier Program Staff to help evaluate players and set a pathway for development. Players must be “Selected” by the coaches to participate. Coaches must be selected by the Board of Directors which will set the Select Program apart from the Recreation Program. Players and Coaches will participate in both programs which will serve as a ( 3 ) step process in the development of both players and coaches through the Recreation Program, Select Program and finally Competitive Premier Program. The Select Program is open to Boys / Girls ages 8 to 14. 

Players and Coaches that participate in the "FALL SEASON" Recreation program will have the opportunity to form teams at the end of the season in December. Teams that are formed can play in the Treasure Coast Soccer League's - (DPL) Developmental Pathway League which runs January - March. Teams that participate in this program will have the option to move up to the Premier program through tryouts.


                                      Below is a breakdown of the Select Teams  / Rules – Guidelines – Coaches and Players:


  1.  A Coach wanting to organize/run an Select Team must be licensed or plan on attending a licensing class during the seasonal year.

  2. Coaches must be registered to the Club and in “Good Standing”.

  3. Coaches can only be registered to ( 1 ) Select Team as a Head Coach but can be an Assistant Coach on another.

  4. Coaches must adhere to the FYSA Coaches – “Code of Ethics”. Violations to the “C.O.E.” will result in suspension and or termination of coaching duties at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  5. Coaches can be assigned to a Rec team while coaching an Select Team.

  6. Select teams already formed will have first refusal of adding players.

  7. Selection of players will be done through a tryout process and evaluated by the coaches.

  8. Coaches must attend a monthly coaches meeting. Less than 50% attendance of meetings can result in being removed from the team at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


Select Teams / Rules – Guidelines – Players:


  1. Players wishing to participate in the Select program must be registered to the Club, outside players cannot be registered for the sole purpose of an Select Team.

  2. Players participating in the Select program are selected from within the Recreation Program and through tryouts.

  3. Players will participate in the Rec. program and Select program during the same season.

  4. Players / Parents will adhere to the FYSA Parents / Players – “Code of Ethics”. Violations to the “C.O.E.” will result in suspension and or termination of participating in the program at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  5. Players wishing to participate in the Select Program and did not attend the tryouts must contact the Club to see if any openings are available.

Select Team Guidelines:


  1. Registration Fee is $300 for U8 and $400 for U10 through U14 - This fee will include the Recreation Program Registration Fee. This fee will go towards an approved Club uniform, FYSA registration, League fees, Referee fees and fees for up to ( 3 ) Tournaments – ( TCSL World Cup and The FYSA Kohls Cup ). Any additional Tournaments will require an additional fee and approval from the Board of Directors.

  2. Training will be available for the teams.

  3. Teams will be entered into the TCSL (Development Pathway League) Jan. 2019 to participate against teams from other Clubs.

  4. Traveling may be required. Overnight stays for Tournaments will be at the expense of the parents.

  5. All players must have be chaperoned, all documentation and communication must be presented to the Director of Coaches for the Rec Program and the Board of Directors.

  6. Any Fundraisers hosted by an Select Team must be approved by the Board of Directors and adults must be on hand.

  7. Each Select team will have an accounting balance through the Club. All collection of monies will be held by the Treasurer of the Club.

  8. The Registration duration will be the same as the FYSA Seasonal year. Players wishing to be removed from the Select Program can be placed in the Recreation Program. Once Registered to the Select Program, refunds of the registration fee will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

  9. Players at the end of the Seasonal year that participated in the Select Program will be invited to the Competitive Premier Program tryouts at the end of May each year.